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Rara National Park

Rara National Park lies in the north-western part of the Nepal Himalaya and has an area of 106 sq, km. Established in 1976, the main attraction is Lake Rara which rests below a scenic Himalayan view and is surrounded by forest-clad hills. This lake is the biggest in Nepal and has a length of 5km, breadth of 3km and a maximum depth of 167m. To the south of the lake lies Chuchemara Pak (4087m) and to the north Rum Kandh (6731m) and Malika Kandh (3444m). These magnificent peaks have made the natural scenery of Rara even more beautiful.

Because of its inaccessibility it has been visited by very few people and vast tracts of forest remain virtually unexplored - including the lake itself. Ornithologically, it is one of the least known areas of Nepal. Rara harbours a wealth of wild mammals like Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Thar, Ghoral and Musk Deer. There is a strong possibility of Snow Leopard occurring here in winter. The lake itself and the coniferous forest near it are excellent for resident as well as migrant birds. Besides all of this, the Rara also has some fish which are endemic to the lake and even now may contain species unknown to science.

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